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Info Sessions

MISA takes pride in showing off our talented club members! Companies like State Farm, USAA, APS, Protiviti & Epic have recruited at our meetings. Who will be next?

Tech Workshops

It always helps to sharpen your skills in today’s competitive IT industry. That’s why we use sites like Codecademy to learn Python & discuss upper-level coursework.

Social Events

We acknowledge that your college experience should expand beyond the classroom. As a member of MISA, we’ll make sure to show you the fun side of MIS with volunteer opportunities, club trips, games and more!


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The Management Information Systems Association (MISA) was founded over 10 years ago to be the professional club associated with the MIS Department at the Eller College of Management. We provide a friendly forum for students that have shown an interest in MISA opportunities to interact with each other, share experiences, and network with one another. To this end, we facilitate various event and services that help them to develop professionally, technically, and socially

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